1st Batch Production Update #2: Compartments and Delivery Dates

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all keeping well. We've got another video update with the latest info regarding our delivery times. 

In summary:

Our subcontractor that manufactures our compartments has been severely affected by COVID-19 resulting in longer lead times for our compartments thus unfortunately pushing out our delivery schedule.

With the information that we currently have:

  • We plan to ship the first 10 desks by 15th May 

  • 15 desks per week thereafter

  • First batch deliveries to be completed by mid-June

Current progress updates:

  • Our first 20 tabletops are due back this week from our CNC routing subcontractor and we will soon be hand sanding and staining these. (Note: Table top CNC router and compartment CNC subcontractors are 2 separate companies.)

  • Rise 57 brackets have been made by our local metal fabricators and are due for powder coating next week.

  • All of our laser cut aluminium and steel components are set for manufacturing.

  • All major components, excluding the wireless charger, have been received or are in transit. 

  • The wireless chargers are yet to arrive from our overseas supplier, they too have been impacted by COVID-19, however we see this as low risk and should not impact the above mentioned schedule.

If it hasn't come through clearly enough from the video, we are gutted to have to push our delivery schedules out. Especially given for many of you, now would be THE time to have a great desk to work/game/procrastinate on during self-isolation. 

Second batch delivery is still on track for mid/end of June.

Please get in touch if you have any comments or questions.

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