1st Batch Production Update #2: Compartments and Delivery Dates

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all keeping well. We've got another video update with the latest info regarding our delivery times. 

In summary:

Our subcontractor that manufactures our compartments has been severely affected by COVID-19 resulting in longer lead times for our compartments thus unfortunately pushing out our delivery schedule.

With the information that we currently have:

  • We plan to ship the first 10 desks by 15th May 

  • 15 desks per week thereafter

  • First batch deliveries to be completed by mid-June

Current progress updates:

  • Our first 20 tabletops are due back this week from our CNC routing subcontractor and we will soon be hand sanding and staining these. (Note: Table top CNC router and compartment CNC subcontractors are 2 separate companies.)