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Big Boi Magnetic Hook

Big Boi Magnetic Hook

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    Functional Design Intent

    Designed from the ground up to manage cables.

    This is the benchmark for your cleanest desk setup yet.

    Cable Management

    Access Flap

    The table top access flap can be pushed downward and clicked to stay open, allowing you to easily reach the power outlets without having to search for one underneath your desk.


    Push the flap again to release and close it, hiding all your cables, adaptors and the power board away in a compartment beneath the desk. 

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    The Options

    Rise 57

    Rise 57 is a bolt on floating shelf specifically made for Mesa 57. It can mount your monitors ergonomically, hold your speakers up at height and display your various desk knick-knacks. Made from the same timber and hand finished, it's design complements the desk's bevel and curve.

    Design Points

    Full Length Floating: No feet means the area beneath is free and full length adds 25% more desk space. All while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

    Back Offset: Rise 57 is positioned slightly behind the desk, increasing the overall depth by 30mm. Less overlap with the table top and more room for you to work.

    Strength: Powder coated steel brackets hold the timber shelf, strong enough to hold dual monitor arm desk clamps with 30” monitors*.

    Curve: Along with complementing designs, it allows clear access to the flap and power board.


    Rise 57 Specifications

    - Dimensions: 1600 x 220 x 20mm

    - Material: Vic Ash and Powder coated Steel


    - Stains and Colour: Sand with Satin White brackets or Espresso with Satin Black brackets

    - *Max centre load: 20 kg

    Wireless Charger

    Customise your Mesa 57 with a seamlessly integrated wireless charger. Select your charging location on the left or right hand side of the desk.


    The charger is easily accessible from underneath the desk, giving you the flexibility to upgrade should wireless charging standards change.


    Magnetic Hooks

    These beautiful hand made hooks have a neodymium magnet in them, they can be placed anywhere on the metal strips underneath the desk. Being magnetic means, if you bump into them, they easily detach, protecting your knees and the hooks.

    The standard magnetic hook can hold up to 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs). The Big Boi double arm magnetic hook can hang items weighing up to 5 kg (11 lbs).

    Stains & Colours


    Mesa 57 comes in 2 stain and colour options.

    Sand with Satin White Compartment

    This is a lighter stain that adds depth to the woods natural colour. The colour can be described somewhere between honey and teak.

    Espresso with Satin Black Compartment

    This is a darker stain that dramatically changes the colour of the Vic Ash. The colour can be described as walnut.

    The Rise 57 and Magnetic Hooks match the desk's stain.

    Please note as this desk is made from natural timber, grain and knot variations will occur, making each Mesa 57 unique. 

    All our timber is hand finished with Osmo natural oils and waxes.

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