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Built-in Power Outlets & USB


8 power outlets (6 for US) along with USB-A and USB-C ports for powering your laptops, mobiles or other portable devices.

Cable Management

The table top access flap moves downward, allowing you to easily reach the power outlets while keeping your cables tidy.

All your cables, adaptors and the power board are kept hidden away in a compartment beneath the desk. The compartment has 5 cable ports providing passage of wires from devices below and on top of the desk. Finally, you have the option to choose which rear leg, left or right, you want the mains power lead to exit from.

This is desk cable management.

Designed from the ground up to minimise cable visibility.

This is the benchmark for your cleanest desk setup yet.

Magnetic Hooks

The magnetic hook accessories allow you to move them around and place them on either side of the desk. Being magnetic means, if you bump into them, they easily detach, protecting your knees and the hooks.

The standard magnetic hook is capable of hanging items weighing up to 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs). For the heavy users, there is the Big Boi. This titanic double arm magnetic hook can hang items weighing up to 5 kg (11 lbs).

Wireless Charger

A Qi wireless charger can be optioned for the desk. It is installed beneath the top surface without interfering the beautiful Vic Ash grain.

There are 1 of 4 zones to select the location of the wireless charger. The charger is easily accessible from underneath the desk, giving you the flexibility to upgrade should wireless charging standards change.

Solid Hardwood

The table top and legs are made from solid Victorian Ash, a hardwood, sourced 100% from regrowth forests. Vic Ash has been used for generations by builders, designers and architects for its stability, strength and beautiful grain patterns.

Stains & Colours


Mesa 57 comes in 2 stain and colour options.

- Sand with white compartment

- Espresso with black compartment

If Rise 57 is selected, it will match the desk's stain.

Please note as this desk is made from natural timber, grain and knot variations will occur, making each Mesa 57 unique.


Need extra space or a monitor stand? Introducing Rise 57, a bolt on floating shelf strong enough to hold dual monitor arm desk clamps with 30” monitors*. Made from the same timber, it complements the desk's bevel and curve.


The floating design adds 25% extra desk space, plus its full length gives a variety of locations to clamp monitor arms and place your various desk knick-knacks.

Rise 57

Rise 57 Specifications

- Dimensions: 1600 x 220 x 20mm

- Material: Vic Ash and Steel

- *Max centre load: 20 kg

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