Furniture. Updated.

We love woodworking and happen to loathe cable clutter, especially the ones lurking beneath our desks. Now add a bit of engineering, unhealthy levels of persistence and coffee, and we have our 1st prototype, a tiny legless table with a box attached. 2 years later we made Mesa 57, a beautifully crafted, mid-century modern, seriously solid wood desk. A desk designed for the devices we use on them, minimising cable visibility, without compromising on materials and aesthetics. The desk, plugged in.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we found inspiration by looking at our own cable chaos. Dissatisfied with the lack of integrated solutions, we realised the potential for clarity. For one with clarity, is one without clutter, both inside and out. 🙏🏽

 ​Our principles for our furniture are simple

  • Updated. - We create furniture for humans and their devices

  • Make it last, in design and form - Beauty never fades in hardwood

  • Use sustainable materials - The lumber we use is 100% sourced from regrowth forests. Learn more here

  • Minimise production waste - Off-cuts get their 2nd chances

We are the designers and the creators.
We are Maram.
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