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Furniture. Updated.

Maram [mah-rum] means wood and we came about because we wanted a better desk, functionally and aesthetically.

Unable to find a desk that met all our requirements, we set out to create our own. With a background in engineering, love for woodworking and design, and truckloads of persistence, Mesa 57 came to be... well at least the first prototype. 

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2 years later we made a beautifully crafted, mid-century modern, seriously solid wood desk. A desk designed for the devices we use on them, managing cables, without compromising materials and design. The Desk. Plugged In.

​Based fully in Melbourne, Australia, we craft every piece with the patience required to bring brilliance out of wood.


Our principles for our furniture are simple.

  • Updated. - We create furniture for humans and their devices

  • Make it last, in design and form - Beauty never fades in hardwood

  • Use sustainable materials - The lumber we use is 100% sourced from regrowth forests primarily in Victoria, Australia. Learn more about how we create consciously.

  • Minimise production waste - Off-cuts get their 2nd chances

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All our carpentry work is done in our Melbourne workshop. For all our other needs we work closely with some amazing local fabricators and suppliers to create a through and through made in Melbourne product.

Made In Melbourne

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Jobin and Pri, Founders