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Magnified Grass


As consumers ourselves we always like knowing where our products come from, how they are made and what they are made from.


It allows us to make a conscious decision when buying something and the opportunity to support businesses and people that create a positive impact, be it within the workplace, the local community or environmentally.

We thought we would share a bit more about our products and how we make them.


100% of the our Vic Ash timber is responsibly sourced from regrowth forests. In short this means when a tree is cut another is planted, allowing us to use a truly sustainable and renewable material. [1]

Natural Carbon Offset

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere throughout their life and act as storage for carbon. The carbon remains stored in the wood and when we use this wood to make our furniture, we are offsetting up to 50% off the furniture's weight in carbon. That's about 17kg of carbon offset per Mesa 57 desk! [1] [2]

Serving board made from offcuts.

Environmental Impact

Wood being a carbon offset material is great but that's not the full story. There will always be some environmental impact when creating things, our furniture isn't immune to this and we continuously strive to reduce our impact. At present we do this by:


  • Reducing material waste and reusing off-cuts to make useful products.

  • Being mindful of our production methods and continuously improving on them so we conserve electricity where possible.

  • Using local suppliers and manufacturers, reducing the impacts of logistics.


Each slice in this serving board is an off-cut created when tapering the legs used for our desks.

Work Ethos

A quality product requires a well thought out design and build. We create with this in mind at the drawing board, setting the foundation for innovative furniture, built with consistent high quality craftsmanship.

We make our products in Australia and will continue making beautiful, creative pieces of furniture responsibly.


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