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Back At It!

Well technically we were back at it on the 29th of September. After 8 weeks of the stage 4 lockdown we finally got our team back together and got straight into it. We're working under restricted conditions as per State requirements which means there are a few more hurdles we need to go through on a day-to-day basis to allow us to operate but at least we can still work with others. These restrictions are applied across multiple industries in Melbourne thus many of our suppliers are impacted as well, all leading to longer lead times for materials and components we get from them to make the desk.

Currently our lead time is around 12 weeks from order placement. We are all sold out for deliveries this year and are getting full for January. Huge thanks to everyone for their support, we're so glad we can continue making our desks and keep our awesome team employed. It's been a crazy year alright and we certainly weren't expecting this many loops on our rollercoaster ride when we launched last year!

Check out our team full steam ahead, working on orders for this year.

We're currently taking orders for delivery in January 2021 and are looking forward to the new year, we've got a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline!

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