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Modern Side Tables - A Solution For Clutter Free Living

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Side tables, they're great when sitting empty by a bed but start adding in your power outlets, cables, devices, books and the odd knick-knack and it starts looking cluttered.

Side table viewed from above

We wanted to update this essential piece of furniture to be more functional whilst minimal in design. It needed to be adapted for modern use to help us maintain a tidy and organized space. With that in mind we set out to create our functional and design checklist.

Line drawing of side table

Side Table Functional Checklist

  • Versatile storage - A shelf for your devices and a soft close drawer for your essentials.

  • Built-in power outlets or a way to store your own powerboard.

  • Integrated cable management - No more cables dangling around your bed space.

Back of side table with built-in power and cable management
Use Our Built-In Powerboard

Back of side table with built-in power and cable management
Or Use Your Own

Side Table Design Checklist

  • Engineered For A Lifetime - Made from solid timber with mitred corners and mortise and tenon joinery.

  • Minimalist Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic - That's a lot of words but we basically wanted a simple, clean design with subtle details such as our chamfered handles complementing the beveled side table body. Following a theme similar to our other furniture.

  • Colour Pairings - We all have different tastes and we wanted to provide the flexibility to make a piece fit your design aesthetic. The drawer fronts and handles come in a variety of finishes allowing you to create your own look.

Solid wood side table with beveled surround
Beveled Surround

Solid wood side table with beveled surround
Chamfered Built-In Drawer Handle

Checklist done, off to the drawing board! When we create any furniture, especially a catalogue piece, we take into consideration the production process and aim to design it in a way that allows for lean manufacturing. This holistic view allows us to keep costs from escalating and produce furniture with consistent, high quality craftsmanship.

Take 1 - Flap On

Sometimes the best way to visually and functionally test a design is to make a couple prototypes and put it through it's paces. Inspired by our desk, our initial design had a flip up flap to access the powerboard and cable management section. This had it's challenges from hinge options to grain matching the flap piece to the rest of the side table body.

Drawing of side table with flap

The end result was a beautiful but over complicated opening motion. Furthermore the convenience of easy access to the powerboard sacrificed usable space on the top of the table.

Moving on we loved the look and feel of our built-in chamfered handle but wanted to change the overall proportions. The ratios didn't look quite right to us.

Side table with flap

Side table with flap

Take 2 - Flap Off

Back to the drawing board. We changed the proportions slightly, this time following the 1.618 golden ratio for drawer and shelf space. The flap mechanism was removed and a new cable management and built-in powerboard setup was incorporated into the back. We also wanted a more softer look and put large round overs on the outer edge of each leg.

This time around the end result gave us that fuzzy feeling. The proportions looked great, the rounded legs gave it the softness it needed, the cable management system functioned as required and to top it off it was a more efficient design to produce.

Solid wood side table with beveled surround and rounded legs
Rounded Legs

Bringing It All Together

Like our Mesa desk, Side Table 01 came about because we were fed up with the dangling mess of cables and dust around our own side tables, especially near our beds. We realized that side tables are essential to maintain an organized and clutter-free sleep space.

Through meticulous planning and testing we've created a piece that elevates bedroom and office decor. With versatile storage solutions, integrated power management, and a timeless design, our side tables blend elegance with efficiency. It's another thoughtfully created piece that enhances the look and organisation of your home.

Build and order your Side Table 01 online from $1290.

Solid wood side table with different colour options
Side Table 01

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