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Reviving The Standing Desk With Timber Legs

sit stand desk with white table top and black legs

Standing desks seem to be ubiquitous, no real surprise given their versatility as a desk and the lifestyle benefits they provide. While functionally fantastic, do their legs all need to look so similar and a bit boring? We made Platform to fix that. Beautiful solid timber legs that retrofit onto your standing desk.

Behind The Scenes

To the drawing board! Let's start with the requirements.

  1. Improve the desk's appeal and make the legs look more like a piece furniture.

  2. Improve overall stability.

  3. Retrofit them onto existing sit stand frames.

Timber legs

This is one of the best parts of our job.

Thinking about design and manufacturing solutions, sketching them out, scratching them out and going through that process countless times until we finally reach a refined piece.

Seeing something go from a sketch to the real thing never gets old.

Platform timber legs

We designed our legs around sit stand frames with central lifting columns so an A-frame design was the most obvious choice.

Subtle curves on the inside profile of the leg and large round overs on the outside edges create a slightly softer look.

The Details

Lifting column rim

As hard as hardwood may be it has it's weaknesses, one of those is that the force required to dent timber is less than steel.

The lifting column has a metal rim that when pressed onto wood with enough force can dent due to the rim's small surface area. To solve this we have a metal plate that spreads the force and allows for a strong connection.

timber legs with metal plate
Brace on timber legs

Another part to consider is the overall load going onto the leg's cross-member including the weight of the lifting columns themselves.

Bracing the 30mm thick cross-member is a stretcher adding strength and virtually eliminating deflection.

standing desk going up and down with 2 people on it
We've load tested our Platform legs to over 150kg


Standing desk

If you have a perfectly good table top and lifting mechanism why not have the ability to upgrade just feet and change the desk's overall appeal.

There are a few different shapes and sizes lifting columns come in, as mentioned earlier we chose to go with the 80 x 50mm rectangular, central mounted types.

Basically the style you see in the photo. These are one of the more common sit stand frame designs.

Watch our full video for more details on retrofitting.

replacing metal feet on standing desk with timber legs.

Platform Timber Legs

There's a lot that happens behind the scenes when we make a new piece and we could go on, if that wasn't obvious already! These 'Behind The Scenes' give an idea of the thought, time and effort put into making something new but hopefully also conveys the feeling of pride we get when creating furniture as best as we can make it.

Platform timber legs for standing desk

Build and order your Platform legs online.

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