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Mesa Commune - From Desk To Dine

Introducing Mesa Commune, our first table designed for flexibility between dining, work and play.

We've been thinking about this one for a while and finally got the opportunity to make one when we received a custom request for a desk that could double as a dining table. This project was a pleasure to design and build, especially the fine details.

Designing The Table

Central Built-In Power

Our Mesa desks have the power built-in at the rear of the table, however for multiple users it made sense to have the power located centrally, keeping cords short and allowing easy access from any seat.

A central compartment also allows people to sit either side of the table without their knees interfering with it.

Access Hatch Design

The hatch needed to allow cables to enter either side, be easy to remove and look beautifully seamless on the table top.

During testing we thought about ways to place and remove the hatch. We didn't like the idea of thumb holes as it would interfere with the grains on the surface.

Take 1 - Magnet Fever

We thought about placing magnets just underneath the surface of the hatch and using a wooden magnetic handle to lift the flap out. It worked like a charm, was definitely over the top and a great party trick!

This was our first design for a table with central power, a display table for a dental company at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Display Table with Magnetic Hatch

Take 2 - Practically Speaking

This time when designing the dining table/desk we wanted to simplify removal of the hatch. The magnets were neat but perhaps not practical for a dining table. We decided to route two cut outs within the bevels which would give room to lift the flap out.

The hatch was super satisfying to make, we loved the look of the additional curves and it felt great to handle!

Leg design

We went with our tapered wooden legs for a mid century modern look and created a cable channel on the inner face for the power lead to run down.

Bringing It All Together

The original name for this table was Mesa Dine, but we thought Mesa Commune was more fitting as this table wasn't only made to eat at. It's often when we sit around a table that we share thoughts, conversation and collaborate, we commune, regardless of whether we're dining, working or playing.

Brainstorming with our team we realized there could be many purposes for a table like this:

  • Study table for the kids (and if it was placed in the living room to double as a dining table, it would be easy to keep an eye on them!)

  • Personal or shared home office workspace

  • Secondary workspace in the living room (..trying to do some emails while waiting for the pasta to boil!)

  • Playing board games with friends

  • Hot pot or Korean BBQ dining at home

  • Office conference table

With all these functions, we are excited to launch Mesa Commune!

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